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  • Dont Give Up2

    Get Your Inspiration


    You express a very high degree of intelligence in desiring to understand the laws of life. When you discover some part of these laws, you’ll ascend the scale of intelligence as you make use of your knowledge. A person who perseveres through difficulties and emerges …

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  • Dance Little Lady Dance

    Always Remember It’s Your Life


    We grow up believing , its not OK to pursue happiness, that pursuing security and being practical is more important. In fact happiness, bliss, is the only true goal. Since bliss is our true nature, we cannot help but pursue it. Unfortunately our attempts are …

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  • Friendship and Betrayal

    Being Betrayed In Friendship


    It’s hard to find friends, and it’s harder to find friends who you can trust. And when your best friend betrays you, you feel broken… broken from the inside. Loneliness kicks in and you feel at the worst of your moods. You feel angry, you …

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  • The Power of Woman

    The Power of ‘Woman’


    “As women, we’re powerful, my mother always told me. We’re Aphrodite. We’re Athena. We’re Artemis. We’re Hera. We’re the goddesses of the beauty and wisdom, the goddesses of the hunt and the moon, and the goddess of marriage and childbirth. We’re not the goddesses of …

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“When forever becomes a place...when forever ceases to be just a word… when it ceases to be a just a measurement of time…but instead becomes a place where soul mates can dance to the song in their hearts, that is a reflection of true love.” ~Steve Maraboli