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Three Is A Crowd

Three Is A Crowd


They say, “Two is company, three’s a crowd” meaning a third person spoils the ideal combination of a couple. But is it really true?

Can A Third Person Complicate Things?

Yes, but to what extent really depends on the relationship the three people share.

Usually, when you have 3 people, it’s an odd number, so one person becomes the victim of loneliness. When you have two people, they spend all their attention on one another. But when there are three people, the third one usually feels left out, because they feel unimportant if the two others are interested in something rather than the third one. And this leads to more complications and misunderstandings in relationships.

So, it’s true that “3 is a crowd” and the phrase is often used where a third person can spoil the privacy of a pair of lovers. The thing is – when you have three people, it is hard to strike a perfect harmony and the chances are either one of the three will eventually feel left out!

Relationships Last Longer When You Don’t Bring In A 3rd Party

If you have a good partnership going, and you want to keep it that way, try not to include a third party into your relationship – it can complicate things for you and your partner. So, you need to make sure that you know when and how to protect your relationship from another person.

It is true that good relationships last longer when you have trust and honesty for each other – a third party can adversely impact the strong relationship you share with your loved one! (Image Credit: ottiliasvisions)


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